Secret Homemade Miracle Mask

Is your skin looking dull?
Maybe you have redness or you are dealing with a breakout.  If your skin could use a pick me up then I have a homemade mask for you.

It's Friday and I am giving away my Skincare Secret!   My mom is the one that turned me on to this beauty secret so actually it is her secret.  Thanks Mom. Isn't it always mom who knows all the good  beauty, cleaning and life secrets??  

Okay so this mask is probably in your kitchen right now.


It's Monday! Today I am going to give you a little Sparkle to help get you through the first day of this beautiful week.

I'm so excited to tell you about ROCKSBOX.  You may have heard of them, I had not until they emailed me with a offer I could not pass up.

They kindly offered to let me try their service for three months completely free (normally $19 a month) and they're giving all of you one month free!! I'll tell you how at the end of this post.

Now let me tell you why ROCKSBOX is so awesome and what they are.  Quickly, I want to mention that I am located in the Bay Area and ROCKSBOX is based out of San Francisco, so when I found that out and I started looking at their website, I was even more excited to work with them. I love to support local businesses. 

Hello Beauties! I Need Your Help!!

Hi Beauties, Happy Monday!! 

Today is a quick post. I have been thinking about rebranding my blog. Recently I streamlined all my social media accounts.  It is now so much easier to find me.  Just type in Hope Brissette and if I have a account... Boom, you will find me  I don't know if changing the name of my blog to Hope Brissette is what is best, but I am thinking about it. 

I feel that Hope's Beauty Bar doesn't describe everything I want to write about anymore. Yes, 
I still want to talk about Beauty, Skincare and  
give you makeup tutorial,  but I would also like to talk about some deeper things.  Real things having to do with my everyday life that you may also deal with,  things like motherhood,  stress,  anxiety depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  

I would love to get you more involved in my page. I am going to ask you all some questions. Please leave your comments below.

What do you want more of?  

Videos, Beauty Secrets, Makeup Tutorials, Gluten-free Vegetarian  Food Posts, Parenting, Handling Anxiety etc.....

What would you like less of?

What items would you like have available to purchase with a link from this site?

Skincare, Makeup, Essential Oils, Holistic Healing, Jamberry, Health Products, Weight Loss? 
Tell me and I will make it happen! Maybe even with a discount for you guys!

What are your favorite types if Giveaways?

Thanks in advance for any input. 

Don't forget to follow me on my social sites. I am also on Periscope now!  I love that app by the way! Download it so we can interact in live time. XOXOXO Hope

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