Monday, March 2, 2015

Favorite Everyday Must Have Beauty Products

Happy Monday. It's March and it's almost springtime in California the sun has been shining and I have been soaking it up. As you can see from the picture above. I am ready for summer. 

Today I have another video for you. I know I've been posting lots and lots of videos lately but that's because I've had time to film a lot more videos and instead of just putting them on my YouTube I thought that you might enjoy being able to get to them through my blog as well. If you ever have a video request please don't hesitate to leave it in my comments or email me. 

This was a requested video and it was a lot of fun to make. This is my Favorite Everyday Must Have Beauty Products. These are products that I take with me on vacation, that I use every day that I wear make up and I replenish without hesitation or looking for something new. You could call them my old standbys but I like to think of them as my Holy Grail Products. 

To learn more hit play. 

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Friday, February 27, 2015

How To Easy, Everyday: Makeup and Contour

Today I thought I would share with you what  my every day make up routine is. I get asked quite often what it is that I wear on my skin and how I apply it. I like a  natural look to my foundation that still has coverage. You will never see me out with a strong contour, it is all about blending, blending blending.

Here are a list of the items I use every day for my foundation concealer and  contour. 

  1. Physicians Formula CC Cream in Light 
  2. Rimmel Cosmetics Match Perfection Concealer in Fair
  3. CHANEL Cosmetics Loose Powder in 01
  4. e.l.f. Cosmetics HD Setting Powder
  5. Physicians Formula Translucent Pearls Highlighter 01 
  6. NYC Cosmetics Skin Smoothing Bronzer in Sunny
  7. CHANEL Cosmetics Blush in Orchard Rose
  8. NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait
  9. Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray Bridal

If you would like to see how I apply all these products to achieve the end result, I filmed a little video for you. 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spray Off Round 2: Urban Decay vs Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray

We've all been there ladies have a beautiful face of makeup on that we took an hour to apply while our boyfriends, husbands or even friends are saying are you ready to go yet? 

Finally we are headed out the door, it's a beautiful sunny day and hour later your blush is going, your lipstick is faded and your mascara is starting to run. 

Fear not ladies I have found my Holy Grail, Can Not Live Without , makeup setting spray.

A few months back I did a make up setting spray Spray Off post between the e.l.f. Cosmetics and the NYX Cosmetics settings sprays. Both are under $8 and you can read that by clicking Here

This one is a high end  spray off challenge between Urban Decay and Skindinavia. I hope you enjoy. 

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