Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pin Up Tease Mascara by NYX Cosmetics

I was wondering around my local CVS the other day as usual and I decided to stop by the NYX section. They are fairly new to my CVS and since I have discovered them I just keep buying more and more pieces to add to my ever growing collection!  The price says nothing about the quality when it comes to NYX Cosmetics. Trust me!!

With that being said, I am Uber crazy picky about Mascara!!!  Most drugstore mascaras fall way short in my book.  They either give you spider lashes that look and feel crunchy or the texture is so wet that my lashes seem weighed down and appear to always be sad.  As a result of spending money, time and energy only to be let down I seem to always go back to my Chanel inimitable. On a whim though I bought NYX Cosmetics Pin Up Tease mascara in black. It is marketed as individual and curl.  I liked the idea of that right away since that is exactly what my Chanel inimitable does.  The brush was also a sell it is plastic and looks very similar to the inimitable except it is curved!! 

I purchased it for a little over $6 a total bargain if it lived up to its name.  When I got home I applied it right away, I had no other makeup on that day not even eyeliner. On my lips is the medicated Baby Lips. After just two quick coats I was so impressed with the results, I usually spend the longest part of my makeup routine on lashes, not with this Mascara. Here is a picture. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Romantic Fall look with a Twist

This look is a basic neutral eye with a fun, fresh twist and a bit of unexpected color.

Most of the makeup in this tutorial is NYX cosmetics. Everything other than the Mascara and lower lash line color, is all from my local CVS. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Welcome to Hope's Beauty Bar!!!!!

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Grand Opening!!!!  

At least that  is what it feels like to me right now.  This morning I purchased my new domain. You might notice it at the top of the page.  We are now Hope's Beauty Bar.  A place for women to come for all things inner and outer beauty. All your old links should still work. To find me now is easy just type in  If you hit any glitches please let me know. I have paid a company to make all the technical switches for me. It should all be done by tomorrow, at the very latest Monday.  

The reason for changing my blog name and purchasing a domain of my own was simple really. The last year I have noticed that I have enjoyed sharing my DIY tips and tricks with you. I also love to try new beauty products, lets face it I am a self confessed beauty junkie, So doing reviews just seems natural. Hope's Beauty Bar is a name that really explains my purpose and vision. 

Beauty is not skin deep, It comes from the inside first. I really want you all to feel comfortable coming here and sharing your voice. I hope to build a community of women that love to share, learn and support each other. 

Thank you so much for your patience this weekend while I get everything set up.  Don't forget to follow and subscribe.  XOXOXO Hope 

Alpha Hydrox

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