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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ventriloquist Doll Halloween Transformation

Did you LOVE Miss Elise's transformation on Tuesday?!?!?!  How awesome was her Edward Scissorhands look!!! If you missed it don't worry you can read it by clicking on the picture below.
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I was over the moon excited when she offered to share another Halloween Transformation with us. This one is beyond creepy!! 

She posted her Ventriloquist Doll look one day on her Facebook page.  She creates all her looks while her daughter naps. Yes ladies she is a mom to a one year old and instead of resting she creates these awesome looks.  So with out further a due I give you the Uber talented Elise.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Edward Scissorhands Transformation Tutorial with Special Guest Poster!!!!!!

Halloween is on FRIDAY!!!! I am so excited!! I absolutely love Halloween. During this time of year my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are all flooded with pictures of spooky transformations. I have never actually tried myself to do a full makeup transformation. I seem to stick to classic forms of makeup. It is completely out of my comfort zone. So maybe I will try, I am working on stepping out of my comfort zones. That is a whole post on it's very own. Ha Ha. 

Okay back to Halloween Transformations. I would estimate that 70% of my personal friends are makeup artists as well, so is the life. My friend Elise is in a ball park all her own when it comes to talent. She can make just about anything. Her imagination is something that I marvel at. To think outside of the box as she does is such a blessing in my mind. Creative beyond belief. So when I she started posting some really frightening makeup looks, I really wanted her to be a guest poster. So I reached out to her and she said YES!!!

She is Hope's Beauty Bars very first guest poster and I am so excited to have her share her creativity with us. Please like and share this post within the post to show how much you Love Miss Elise!!!!!!! (you can also find her on IMDb for makeup on a movie that will be out next year.)

Hi, my name is Elise Bigley, and I have been a professional makeup artist for 14 years, or if you consider buying $0.99 drug store makeup and applying it to all the neighborhood children the beginning of my career, then we are looking at upwards of 25 years. 

I've always had a passion for anything shimmer, glimmer and glossy, and strive to create amazing transformations.

My career has brought me everywhere from department store makeup lines, to runways, photo shoots, and on the set of feature films.
Please "like" and "follow" my Facebook page: Lips N Lashes and check out my YouTube tutorials: Love me lips n lashes.

Elise Before

Elise as Edward Scissorhands

To create the "Edward Scissorhands" look, you want to first start with a clean face. Since he has hardly any eyebrows and a sad/concerned look on his face.

Monday, October 27, 2014

NYX Strawberry Kiss Lips

I had to post this lip combo for you since  my hubby absolutely swooned over it! I found that hilarious. First we have been together almost 15 years. Second he is a total one word man and when it comes to color anything from light pink to hot red is just Red.  This color combo he could not stop staring at. So I thought if it made my simple man so happy I should share it with you. So here you are ladies, go make your man SWOON!!!

Both products are by NYX Cosmetics (kinda my new favorite)

Lip Liner Pale Pink

It does look a little brown but it goes on to be such a natural lip color that it is my go to for neutral lips. These lips liners are super creamy with great staying power. I always fill my entire lip in before applying any lip product.  I adore all the NYX liners since they have a variety of colors you can go with just a little lip balm over the top for hours of wear. 

Lip Butter in Strawberry Parfait 

(those little white dots are the gloss reflecting back in the light, it is a high shine gloss for sure.)

This was my first Lip Butter!! I know crazy.  All the hype you have heard in regards to these babies is right on.  They have amazing color payoff, are smooth and buttery, not at all sticky and smell amazing.  I don't normally like smelly glosses or anything for that matter.  I am so sensitive to scent, head ache right away.  Not with these.  I love them.  

Thank you all so much for reading. Don't forget to subscribe, like and share.  I will have a special guest poster this week for some how to Halloween looks that are Awesomely Scary!!!  I am so excited to share.  First one will be up tomorrow!!! XOXOXO Hope

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hope's Beauty Bar on Facebook!

 Hope's Beauty Bar

I finally made a dedicated Facebook page for you all to follow!!  I seem to post on Facebook more than anywhere else. I have had my personal page, that some of you have followed me on, now I have an official Hope's Beauty Bar page.

Please take a minute to hope on over to like Hope's Beauty Bar on Facebook.  I will be announcing giveaways and other goodies there first. I actually have a giveaway coming up in the next couple weeks for you all.  I am so excited to tell you all about it. So go follow so you are the first to know when it happens. You can also contact me and ask me questions or tell me what posts you want to see.

Also, a  HUGE THANK YOU to all my new Subscribers.  100 new Beauties in a week!!! All of you are so awesome. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Makeup, Skincare and all things Beautiful are what inspire me. I am so grateful that you come her to be inspired too!!!  

If you have not subscribed yet then be sure to take a minute to do so before you leave today. Thank you again.  I LOVE YOU!!! XOXOXO Hope.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Here is a super easy smokey eye using the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Stick as the base.  I love to use a waterproof eyeliner or shadow stick as a base when doing a smokey eye.  It allows for a quick and easy to blend look that is great for a night out. 

Lets start with your basic smokey eye rules.

Rule #1. Your color should be darkest at your lash line and blend GRADUALLY into the crease.

Rule #2. Blend, blend and blend some mores. You can never over blend.  

Rule #3. Highlight your brow bone and inner corner with a highlighter not a sparkly over glittery or shimmery color. Unless that is the look you are going for. In which case ROCK ON WITH YO BAD SELF.

For this look I used 8 products including mascara.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pin Up Tease Mascara by NYX Cosmetics

I was wondering around my local CVS the other day as usual and I decided to stop by the NYX section. They are fairly new to my CVS and since I have discovered them I just keep buying more and more pieces to add to my ever growing collection!  The price says nothing about the quality when it comes to NYX Cosmetics. Trust me!!

With that being said, I am Uber crazy picky about Mascara!!!  Most drugstore mascaras fall way short in my book.  They either give you spider lashes that look and feel crunchy or the texture is so wet that my lashes seem weighed down and appear to always be sad.  As a result of spending money, time and energy only to be let down I seem to always go back to my Chanel inimitable. On a whim though I bought NYX Cosmetics Pin Up Tease mascara in black. It is marketed as individual and curl.  I liked the idea of that right away since that is exactly what my Chanel inimitable does.  The brush was also a sell it is plastic and looks very similar to the inimitable except it is curved!! 

I purchased it for a little over $6 a total bargain if it lived up to its name.  When I got home I applied it right away, I had no other makeup on that day not even eyeliner. On my lips is the medicated Baby Lips. After just two quick coats I was so impressed with the results, I usually spend the longest part of my makeup routine on lashes, not with this Mascara. Here is a picture. 

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