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Friday, December 19, 2014

Co Washing, Why you should and How to.

Omg!!  I love Co Washing and the effects that it has had on my hair.  Have you heard of it??  It is so simple easy and affordable to do. 

Co Washing is washing your hair with a conditioner. Yes I know it sounds a little gross and weird. It works wonders for the hair though. 

Shampoo as we know has lots of chemicals and it strips your hair of natural oils and leaves it so dry and damaged that you need to follow up with a conditioner just to get it all balanced back out. Well with Conditioner washing you are getting your hair clean using friction lots of friction on the scalp with your fingers and your conditioner. 

Suave Coconut Conditioner is my go to Co Washing Conditioner for over 3 years.

How To

 Apply a large handful of a cheap cheap conditioner (just make sure it is free of silicons) to your scalp 

Massage with your fingertips or knuckles for at least 3 minutes or longer.  Your arms with get a work out as well as giving your head a great massage that adds in the process of growing your hair.  

Once your done scrubbing your scalp work some of your conditioner through your ends.  At this time I like to grab my wide toothed comb and gently comb out my tangles and help distribute the conditioner evenly on my hair.  

Put your hair up, I like to put a shower cap on and continue showering. Sound familiar like the steps of a certain infomercial for a expensive cleansing conditioner? 

When you are ready to rinse your hair grab your wide toothed comb again and comb out your hair while rinsing with water. 

Use your fingers to massage the scalp and work  any extra conditioner out of your hair.  

Rinse for at least 2 minutes.  YOU MUST RINSE OUT ALL OF THE CONDITIONER of your hair will feel heavy.  

If you hair is very dry and needs added moister in the ends now is the time to use your good conditioner but just from the middle of your hair down.  Let that sit a couple minutes then rinse again.   I let my hair air dry, I actually don't own a hair dryer. 

When my hair is 50% dry I add a little homemade hydrating shine oil to the ends of my hair a half hour after I get out of the shower. 

What I use
Yes That is right Suave I love it.

Now let me tell you a little about my hair it is Platinum blond. I love me some Bleach.
Underneath is my natural hair color untouched, its kinda a dark blond with some deep red and it is long so with that being said the top has quite a bit of damage.  

I do my fair share of OCD things to keep it in good health.  I oil it all the time at least twice a week and sleep with coconut oil in it as well. 

 I am a stay at home mom and don't leave my house often and this gives my the ability to look like an oil tanker leaked all over my head.  After 14 years my hubby doesn't think anything of it anymore.  I could probably wrap my body in seaweed and lay in the bathtub filled with oil for an hour and he would think this is perfectly normal behavior for women to do.  

The other thing I do is always make sure it has not been washed for at least 5 days before I get my roots touched up.  The oils add an extra barrier for my scalp so it does not dry my out as much.  

For at least 10 years I have tried to find the perfect solution for my hair.  I have tried every product for $100 a bottle to $ .99.  For a long time almost 2 years I invested in Wen and loved it.  When I had my son I could not justify spending $180 for washing my hair (I bought the gallon size from QVC)  I agonized over this decision and tried 4 different cleansing conditioner as well as the baking soda and vinegar method.  I tried making cleansing conditioners and they just were not right.  

Then I found Co Washing and it has forever changed my life. Please try it out and see what you think.  

Ask me any questions you may have.  My best friend, sister, mom as well as a few other friends have started this year and so far are loving the results.
The last tip I almost forgot use as little heat as possible on your hair and if you do use heat use a heat protectent or some coconut oil as a natural heat protector.  

Thanks for reading try it out and let me know how it works for you. 

Please like, share and subscribe. Thank you so much for reading.  XOXOXO Hope

Please check last Saturday's post to see if you are one of the Real Techniques Brush Sets.  I still have not heard from winner number one.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Post Previews. Plus Real Techniques Giveaway Winner.

Happy Saturday Beauties!!! 

I know that everyone is waiting to find out who won the Real Techniques Brush Sets. I will announce the first winner at the end of this post.  

Before the big announcement I wanted to share with you some of the posts I am working on for the end of this month as well as  for January.  

This is your blog as much as it is mine. That being said I would love to hear your impute on what posts you want to see first from my list. I also love to hear what you are interested in learning about. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

D.I.Y. Skin Clearing, Anti Aging Toner

I first shared this D.I.Y in July of 2012. I think it was my third post.  I thought I would share it with you again and for all the new visitors to see for the first time.  I still use this toner and love the results it gives. So here you go.

This toner has amazed me!!!!  After having 
my son my skin was less than perfect.  I seem to struggle with hormonal adult acne, my skin was freaking out and needed some help to say the least. 

In the past I have used Pro Active and loved it but in my new quest of being self sufficient and saving money of course I made my own. I made each product and added them in separately so I could tell if my skin didn't like one of the products. 

I started by making the coconut wash (you can read about that here). I saw great results when I used it on my son who has sensitive skin and tends to get little bumps on his back here and there. I thought if helps his very delicate skin then maybe I should try it on my face (trying new things on my face scares the crap outta me). I have been a makeup artist for many years. I am obsessed with skin and how it works, so I am always very careful. Low and behold it was AWESOME my skin not only cleared up it balanced itself.  I am never to oily or to dry now. 

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